10 Things To Do With Your Husband In The Last Month Of Pregnancy

The arrival of a baby makes everything take a back-seat. It almost becomes a steady fixture on the minds of the to-be-parents who are consumed by everything related to their baby – the right paint to be done in the nursery, the comfortable clothes to buy, the furniture, the food, the travel buggy – the list is endless.

In this happy chaos, how does the couple cope with the stress? As the due date comes closer, the anxious parents hardly enjoy any relaxation or quality time with each other. But it need not be like that. There are plenty of ways partners can take some time out for themselves and enjoy a break. And the best time is the last month of the pregnancy, just before the birth. It gives a great opportunity to finish off the pending work, unwind and be ready for the responsibilities coming their way.

Let us see how the couple can bond together and enjoy a good time:

1. Enjoying A Movie Date

For a long time, till the baby grows up, the couple might have to wait to catch up on their choice of movies. And before the animated rhymes and cartoons become their only screen amusement, it is a good idea to watch some movies together over big buckets of popcorn.

2. Sexual Escapades

Sex during low-risk pregnancy is absolutely safe and a good way to have fun with the partner. It reduces stress and also gives the pelvis some exercise. However, one must be careful about pregnancy sex positions considering the bump and the weight.

3. Fine Dining

After a baby is born, there won’t be any scope for enjoying a quiet dinner at that favourite restaurant. Before the life is swept by take-away pamphlets and kid’s portions, it’s recommended that one enjoys a peaceful dinner over conversations with the partner.

4. Enjoying Babymoon

It is just the pregnancy equivalent of a honeymoon. Enjoying peace and solitude, physical intimacy and great food are keys to making the babymoon a great success. It is an excellent way to de-stress and enjoy those stunning private moments with each other.

5. Catch Up On Sleep

Since the sleepless nights are not too far, it is a great idea to go under the blankets for some blissful, uninterrupted sleep. Though it may be tough to get comfortable with the big belly protruding out, one can always try soft cuddles and hugs to replenish the quota of sleep and the loving togetherness that will be hard to find till sometime after the delivery.

6. Chalk Out Plans

After the baby comes, it may not be easy to talk and discuss plans regarding the baby amidst a busy and crazy schedule. Sit and share views regarding important things like hospital and delivery routine, feeding preferences, visits and consultation sessions with health professionals etc. It will be much smoother to implement it later.

7. Happy Pics

Taking a few fun pics together – sporting giggles and laughing – can be real fun. Unusual clothes, matching wardrobe, tagging silly one liners or doing something similar can remind the couple of the amazing time spent together.

8. Keeping The Hospital Bag Ready

It is not just the moms who undergo the labor, daddies also remain totally on their toes, helping out with the little things, and encouraging the moms. The hospital visit may last for a couple of days and they may require anything – from cotton balls to baby clothes or even something easily forgotten – like a phone charger. It is advisable that both sit together and chalk out all things that may be needed in the hospital and keep the bag ready.

9. Trial Runs

On the day when the labour pain finally begins, it may be tough to handle multiple things – the kids, the house, the mom in pain and so on. It can be useful and fun as well if the couple involves the family in random trials aimed at emergency hospital runs. The actual event may be quite a smooth affair later.

10. Parenting Coordinated

The arrival of a baby can be quite a crazy affair. And in the sleep deprived state, all the work and duties seem a Herculean task. It is beneficial if both the partners can sit down and decide on who does what. Sharing duties like preparing meals, doing laundry or diaper changes makes the process of parenting wholesome and less stressful.

These are some ways by which the to-be parents can share some good times together. They ensure enjoyment as well as decision-making.

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