10 Ways To Boost Your Baby’s Intelligence Levels

Raising an intelligent child is every parent’s dream. Mumma’s joy has no bounds when the little Einstein utters his first set of words. And then begins the preparation to make sure that every curious action of the baby is responded to.

Foods are decided based on their ability to boost brain power; toys are selected based on mind enhancing mechanisms, exercise, exposure, every journey seeks just one destination – an intelligent child. So, here’s the good news. There are ways to make sure that your little wonder turns out to be a genius.

There are many factors responsible for brain development in babies, making them more aware and intelligent. And these 10 are the best of the lot. Go on, no harm following them!

1. Don’t Interrupt Your Baby’s Sleep:

A study suggests that one less hour of sleep every night could cut down two cognitive years in a child. A baby’s brain develops rapidly during active sleep phase. It’s during these snooze hours that the key neuronal connections are made, and links between left and right hemispheres of the brain are strengthened. Babies that get the required amount of sleep develop better language, attention and impulse control.

2. Make Sure Their Activity Levels Are High:

Research suggests that there is a strong connection between the development of brain and physical activities in babies. Parents should make sure that their baby gets at least one hour of unstructured physical activity. Higher activity levels increase blood flow to the brain and other parts of the body, thereby resulting in better memory and learning aptitudes. Spend time playing with your baby and rest assured you are playing your part well.

3. Choose The Right Music For Your Baby:

Exposing babies to soothing tunes is beneficial for their brain development, thereby boosting cognitive skills. Research suggests that holding your baby close and slow dancing to calming music releases a ‘bonding’ hormone called oxytocin. This same hormone is released while breastfeeding too. Babies who are regularly listening to good music have better memory and are less anxious as adults.

4. Talk To Your Baby:

Surveys have revealed that talking to your baby enhances their vocabulary and language processing skills as early as 18 months old. Chatting with babies helps them grasp the lip movements, sounds, and pronunciations of a language.

Repetition of words enhances their memory and makes it easier for them to associate objects with words. So, don’t give up conversing with your little blabberer thinking that you are not making any sense. They are learning it all from you.

5. Healthy Food Habits:

Introducing brain foods to your baby’s diet is an important step to enhance their brainpower. Fruits, greens, dairy products, dry fruits, eggs, nuts, and seeds are a few to name. Whipping nutritious foods in interesting combinations will ensure that both, brain cells and taste buds are equally satiated.

6. Making Them Social:

Letting babies spend time with friends and family adds to their human exposure. They are constantly learning new things from their surroundings. The more extensive this exposure is, the more your baby learns.

7. Reading Bed-Time Stories To Your Baby:

Reading bedtime stories and singing lullabies to your baby has a great track record since ages. It not just develops the bonding between parents and babies but also wires the child’s brain to quickening their ability to make sense of new things. Studies suggest a clear indication of neurological differences between kids who are read to and the ones that haven’t been read to.

8. Exposing Them To Nature:

Research in Spain finds that quality time spent amidst nature, where kids are exposed to trees and allowed to play on green grass, helps in blossoming of mental abilities. No wonder, babies are always happy when you take them for a walk in the park. The green surroundings relax the babies and increase brain function.

9. Letting Them Choose:

Though we constantly try to decide the best option for our baby, giving them choices at a young age can help develop their cognitive skills. Choosing between colors, tastes, people and shapes enhance their decision-making power at a young age.

10. Breastfeeding:

Mother’s milk is like a magic potion to boost baby’s brainpower. Breastfeeding your baby till the age of one can increase your infant’s overall health and intelligence quotient. Mother’s milk is packed with all the necessary nutrients beneficial for baby’s complete growth. A healthy baby is closest to being an intelligent baby.

Though all these efforts play an important part in bringing up intelligent babies, nothing matches the love, care and attention of parents. Happy babies grow up to be smarter kids, and intelligent and aware adults. So shower all that love and pamper your little bundle of joy as much as you can. Leaving you on that intelligent note!

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