How To Get Pregnant Fast, Conception Tricks No One Told You

Once you and your significant other have made the decision to try for a baby, waiting becomes difficult. You then just want to get pregnant soon. You often find yourself frantically looking for tips, which will help you get pregnant faster, online. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths out there, like cough syrup does not help with pregnancy.

However, there are lesser-known tips too that can help you in getting pregnant sooner. Here, we bring you a few of these tips, which are also backed by studies and experts:

1. You Can Use An Ovulation Kit

To measure the level of luteinizing hormones in your body, you can buy an ovulation kit which is available over the counter. The luteinizing hormones rise a day or two before the ovulation. You can use the kit to ensure that you are indulging in love-making at the right time, thereby helping you get pregnant fast. The correct time is usually considered to be three days or so after you get a positive test result on the ovulation kit.

2. Eat ‘Good-For-You’ Fats

According to a study published in the Human Reproduction journal, a connection was found between low-fat dairy and ovulation infertility. It was observed that women who drink fat-free or low-fat milk are more prone to having a failure in ovulation in comparison to those who drink full-fat milk. When trying to conceive, it is essential that you become friendly with fatty food items. Fats are said to keep your blood sugar stable and are a precursor for hormones governing menstrual cycle.

4. Only Use A Certain Type Of Lube

It is essential to know about lubes. A few can make the seminal fluid slower or even kill it, so choose the lube very carefully. Select one which has the least negative impact on the functionality of the seminal fluid. If need be, you can get rid of it entirely too.

5. You Might Not Want To Overdo It

Less might be more when it comes to making love in the ovulation period while trying to get pregnant. Try to indulge in physical intimacy only once a day or every other (alternate) day. Too much of it can result in a decrease in the seminal fluid concentration, thereby reducing your chances of conceiving a baby soon.

6. Watch Your Alcohol And Coffee Consumption

You must be aware of the fact that alcohol and caffeine are discouraged after pregnancy. But, it is also believed that bringing down their intake can help a person in getting pregnant faster. Alcohol is said to have negative effects on fertility as well.

7. Switch To Organic

Try and switch to organic. Obviously, it might not be possible to go all the way. But, try to steer clear of fruits and vegetable, which are treated with pesticides, as much as you can. A study states that men who eat more pesticide-ridden food suffer from reduced seminal fluid count as well as low-quality seminal fluid. Pesticides can also affect a woman’s reproductive health, including her fertility.

8. Sleep Is A Priority

How long have you all waited to hear those words? So, here it is. While trying to conceive, it is important to hit that ‘snooze’ button and get a decent amount of sleep. A study states that a woman who gets around seven to nine hours of sleep every day has approximately 20 percent higher follicle-stimulating-hormone (FSH) levels in comparison to those who sleep for less than six hours.

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