100 Beautiful Flower Baby Names For Girls And Boys

Unique Flower Names For Boys:

• Alder:Alder, the name of the flowering plant from the birch family, has an old school feel to it. It means ‘from the alder tree’.
• Anthony:The versatile and ever-trendy name Anthony sounds a lot like ‘Anthos’, which is a Greek word for Rose. Anthony Quinn and Anthony Hopkins are well-known bearers of this name.
• Antonio:In the 17th century, the name Antonia was linked to the Greek name ‘Anthos’, which means flower. So go for Antonio if you want a flower name for your boy.
• Arnit:After lagging behind Arpit and Amrit for ages, Arnit, meaning ‘beautiful flower’, has suddenly caught on with the parents.

• Basil:Basil, a fragrant herb with purple and white flowers, is a very common name for boys. It has always been on the US popularity list, reaching a high 327 in the year 1904.
• Bud:Bud isn’t just a cute Irish nickname, but also stands for the male flower name meaning Blossom. If you’re hesitant to use it for a first name, you can use it as a nickname or middle name.
• Cedar:While most people associate with trees and woods, there’s also a Cedar flower, which is breathtakingly beautiful.
• Clem:The name Clem refers to Clematis, the climbing vine of beautiful flowers. Clem sounds humble, laid back, and has a distinctive down to earth charm.
• Corey:Corey would be a fresh and snappy short form of Coreopsis, the cheery and long lasting flower. To make it more unconventional, you can spell it as Cory. Corey means ‘from the hollow’ – this sounds like one of the cool flower names.
• Cypress:The cypress flower, resembling the five-pointed stars, looks absolutely adorable. It’s also the name of a town in Orange County, California.

• Elm:Elm, a tree that blooms white flowers, would make an excellent middle name for boys. It sounds straight, strong, and robust, just like the flower.
• Fiorello:Fiorello is one of those floral names that would work amazingly on a boy. It was made famous by Mayor La Guardia during the Second World War. In fact, he was also the basis of a musical called Fiorello. Fiorello means ‘little flower’.
• Florent:French name Florent, meaning ‘flowering’, may sound a bit too flowery for American guys, but it’s quite popular in some parts of Europe.
• Florian:This Latin name, meaning ‘flowering or flourishing’, may sound feminine to some, but it’s used mostly for boys. The name has a worldly appeal as well.
• Indigo:If you are brave enough, name your child Indigo. Indigo is the plant that creates a purplish-blue dye. We think it is one of the most evocative and appealing flower names of this generation.
• Jared:If you want a masculine name, inspired by rose, Jared could be your pick. It means ‘rose’ in Hebrew. Its namesake is none other than Jared Leto.
• Ketak:Ketak, a name that means ‘flower’, was once considered a bit pompous and grand for baby boys in India, but it’s now being opted by a significant number of parents.
• Kunal:Here’s a name for the traditional parents. Kunal is a Sanskrit origin name meaning ‘lotus’. It is quite popular in India.
• Moss:Moss, the soft, plush, and evocative nature name is heard more frequently as a surname rather than a name. Take Moss Hart for example.

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