100 Beautiful Flower Baby Names For Girls And Boys

Flowers fill your home with beauty and fragrance and flower baby names will add colors and aroma to your babies’ lives. Why not pick names that mean flower!

Gorgeous Flower Names For Girls:

• Acacia:Acacia is attractive, rarely used Greek name is gradually beginning to catch on with the parents. Named after a Greek botanist, acacia is a shrub with yellow or white blossoms. It symbolizes immortality and resurrection.
• Altheda:Altheda, a Greek word, meaning ‘like a blossom’ possesses an edgy and modern appeal.
• Alyssa:Alyssa, the informal variation of Alicia, skyrocketed in popularity in 1980 and had held onto its place as one of the top baby girls ever since.

• Amaranth:This beautiful herb, with bright pink flowers, has the potential of being one of the rising floral girl names. We love the fresh sound of this name.
• Amaryllis:If you want a showy flower name, then you can consider Amaryllis. The name was first used in the Greek poetry as a designation for pastoral beauties.
• Aster:Aster is the name of the delicate flower meaning ‘star’. It came into the spotlight by the little girl on the television show “Dexter”. The name has not hit the mainstream yet, but with its similarity to the high-handed name Astor, it could pretty soon.
• Ayana:Ayana, meaning beautiful flower has a bright and creative ring to it. The name has never made an entry to the top 100 names of the US so that would make an original pick for your baby.
• Azalea:Azalea is one of the freshest floral names that made its debut on the Social Security list in the year 2012. Interestingly, it has now become one of the fastest rising names on the list.
• Begonia:Begonia, the sweet-smelling flowers that look a lot like roses, could also be considered as a baby name option for your little one.
• Blimah:Blimah, one of the daintiest and earliest Hebrew names, meaning ‘blossom’, is beginning to enter the spotlight now.
• Blossom:Blossom, meaning ‘to bloom’ will always be remembered for the eponymous character in the sitcom “Blossom”. It’s the name of one of the Powerpuff Girls as well.
• Bluebell:This delicate flower with a dainty and divine smell is used widely in Britain. Geri Halliwell also named her daughter Bluebell.
• Calantha:Calantha, a Greek name meaning ‘beautiful flower’, spares the spunk of other cool floral names like Calla and Camellia.
• Calla:This unique flower name is a delicate version of Lily. It is associated with the heroine of the novel “The Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder”, which means ‘beautiful’.
• Camellia:These creamy, fragrant roses are loved all across the world for their aroma and beautiful looks. Apart from these factors, even the name sounds extremely pleasing to the ears.

• Carnation:It’s near about impossible not to fall in love with this cheerful flower and its name.
• Chloris:Chloris, the name of the mythological goddess of flowers, would make one of a kind name for your daughter.
• Chrysanthemum:This got to be one of the least common flower inspired baby names. So if you want a rare name for your daughter, don’t think beyond Chrysanthemum.
• Clover:Clover, a charming and perky name, has become a favorite with the celebs. It’s also associated with good luck, which is a great feature for a name.
• Crisantha:No, Crisantha isn’t related to Christine. It’s a short form of Chrysanthemum and means ‘golden flower’.
• Daffodil:This floral moniker is so uncommon that it would make a strong name for spring babies. And it’s also the name of the musician Michael Hurley’s first girl.
• Dahlia:Dahlia is a cute flower name, bringing to mind small, lovely flowers. This vintage name, pronounced as Da-lee-Ah, also conjures to mind a glamorous silver screen legend or tough femme fatale.
• Daisy:Daisy will make a hippy, yet cool name for the little girl. The name brings to mind the bubbly and happy baby with a cute smile. Daisy is also a popular nickname for Margaret as the French word for Daisy is ‘marguerite’. Even Daisy Buchanan did her bit to popularize the name in his “The Great Gatsby”.
• Danica:Danica, the pattern of Royal Copenhagen “Flowers of Denmark”, is a unique and delicate Slavic moniker, meaning ‘morning star’.
• Fern:Of all the botanical names, Fern has been the most static in terms of performance. It has never fluctuated on greater levels. So if you select this girl flower name, you can be assured that it will never go out of style.
• Fiorella:This lyrical Italian name, meaning ‘flower’, could be used to pay tribute to Grandmother or Aunt Flora or Florence. For the nickname, you can snip it down to Ella.
• Fleur:Fleur is the freshest of all the flower names in the name bouquet. This French for flower sounds incredibly chic and elegant to the ears. It currently holds the 12th spot in the Netherlands, the home of tulip and other fleurs.
• Flora:Flora, the name of the Roman goddess of spring and flower, is an eternal favorite of baby name experts.
• Forsythia:Forsythia, named for the beautiful yellow bush, cannot challenge Violet or Rose in terms of popularity but is sure to be one of the most unique of all.
• Gardenia:Baby name Gardenia sounds a lot more powerful and exotic that other names like Lily and Rose. It’s named after the botanist Dr. Alexander Garden.

• Hazel:Hazel is most commonly known as a tree or nut, but there’s also a flowering plant with long yellow strands called witch hazel. The name has become quite trendy in the last few years, thanks to books and movies – “The Hunger Games” and “The Fault in Our Stars”.
• Heather:This old, yet timeless, two syllable name brings to mind a classy woman with the mind of her own. In fact, Heather was so popular in the 70s and 80s, that there was also a movie after it – “Heathers”.
• Holly:Holly, is a beautiful baby name inspired by flower; it suits perfectly for a baby girl born during Christmas. If you need a bit more convincing, it’s the name of Audrey Hepburn’s character in “Breakfast at Tiffany”.
• Hyacinth:Hyacinth may not be as gentle and feminine as Rose and Violet, but it will appeal to parents who want an exotic floral name for their daughters.
• Iolanthe:This unusual and interesting name is best known from Gilbert and Sullivan operetta of the same name. It means ‘violet flower’.
• Iris:Iris is a purple flower getting its name from the Greek word rainbow. Since it is a rarely used name, it will make an intriguing choice for your baby, especially if you are spiritually oriented.
• Ivy:Ivy is the hottest flower-inspired names right now, all thanks to Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s baby girl Blue Ivy. Apart from being charming, Ivy also has a surprising number of spelling variations such as Ivie, Ivee, Ivi, and more.
• Jacinta:If you think Hyacinth sounds a bit too harsh, you can pick its sweeter Spanish version, Jacintha. The correct pronunciation of this name is ha-Seen-ta.
• Jasmine:The name boomed in popularity in the early 20th century, following the release of Disney’s “Aladdin”. Jazz will make a spunky and cute nickname for Jasmine.
• Jessamine:This Spanish variation of Jasmine was once limited to England but is now beginning to be appreciated in the US as well.

Unique Flower Names For Boys:

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