15 Dumb Mistakes You Can Make When Your Partner Is Pregnant

It certainly is good news when you hear your partner is pregnant. However, you’ll now need to remember that you cannot treat your partner the same way you did before she got pregnant. Because, for one, she’ll be enduring a lot more than you can imagine. And two, people often make some dumb mistakes with a pregnant partner around. So, to help you avoid committing such mistakes, we list out a few of them here:

1. Finishing Her Left Overs

Picture this: she isn’t able to finish her meal and offers the last slice of her share of pizza or dessert to you. What do you do? Gobble it immediately? No! In all likelihood, she’ll come back looking for it later because hunger pangs can strike an expectant mom at odd times.

2. Bringing Home The Wrong ‘Crave’ Food

She asks you to get some spicy fries (maybe to combat nausea). And you end up getting her a chocolaty waffle. Well… need we still explain?

3. Binge-Drinking In Front Of Her

Nothing can be worse than eating or drinking something in front of someone who is prohibited from doing so. It may be a temporary thing, but being considerate toward her condition is something she deserves.

4. Complain About Her Trips To The Loo

Really? With your baby bearing down on her bladders, she does have the right to make as many trips to the loo as she wants. Plus, you aren’t charged for the loo trips, right?

5. Giving Her Labor Pain Scares

Every pregnant woman knows that labor pains are inevitable. But constantly reminding her about it and scaring her is not only dumb but also downright mean!

6. Whine About The Messy House

Before you even begin to think of it, remember she’s the same person who kept your house spic and span and is now carrying your baby. Time to return the favor now!

7. Not Paying Enough Attention To Baby-Related Stuff

When she wants to discuss baby names or the color of the baby room, make sure you pay attention to her. Because it’s your baby too, d-uh!

8. Skipping Hospital Appointments

Hospital appointments are extremely important to a pregnant woman. It can also make her nervous regarding her baby’s health until she hears that everything is fine from the doctor. So, make sure you stay with her to support during this time.

9. Praising Other Women For Their Amazing Postpartum Weight Loss

Whether it is Beyonce or Kareena Kapoor, incessantly praising their postpartum weight loss journey puts unnecessary pressure on your partner to achieve such illogical standards. Each pregnancy is different for every woman and so is the postpartum weight loss journey.

10. Smell Bad

Expectant moms usually have a heightened sense of smell. And nausea and vomiting can get aggravated when they smell anything bad, including your body odor. So, make sure you smell good or at least remain fresh when you get near her.

11. Gift Her Baby Stuff For Her Birthday

Agreed she’s going to be a mom soon and is already feeling on the moon. But that doesn’t mean she’ll stop being herself. She still needs things she loves. And she does expect a present for herself on her birthday rather than her baby.

12. Praise Your Mom, Sis, Or Even Sis-In-Law’s ‘Uh-Mazing’ Pregnancy Journey

Another worse form of comparison is telling your partner about women in your family who handled pregnancy well. If you didn’t get the message earlier, here it is for you again – “Each Pregnancy Is Different For Every Woman.”

13. Act Weirdly When She Wants To Make Love

Pregnancy certainly does not mean that you should stop lovemaking altogether. And if your partner makes the first move, grab the opportunity without acting weird or scared about making love to her.

14. Stop Her From Doing Things She Wants To

Chivalry is nice when you help your pregnant partner with the dishes or cooking a meal. However, asking her to stop her yoga practice or regular morning walks is absolutely dumb.

15. Call Her Out For Her Mood Swings

With the number of hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy, it is but natural for your partner to suffer from major mood swings. But do not dare to complain about them unless you wish to get clobbered by her!

We’re sure this list of dumb mistakes would have taken you by surprise if you have committed some of them already. If you have not, however, then you still have time to avoid them. Just look up this list when in doubt and it’ll put you on the right track.

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