7 Fantastic Habits Babies Inherit From Their Mothers

“It’s all in the genes”, they say. Babies invariably inherit the traits of their parents through their genes. Mommies can, however, have an indelible impact on their babies, given the fact that babies spend much time with their mothers starting from the womb to early childhood. You swell with pride each time someone reckons your child’s similarity with you – be it the facial or physical features, the mannerisms, or the habits. And don’t you wish that your children picked nothing but the best habits? Well then, here are a few that you want them to take in from you!

1. The Time You Wake Up:

Babies tend to wake up with their mommies. They inherently know that their mommy is up. So technically they can be early birds if you are one unless you prompt them to sleep in more – they may not be able to sleep so much in adulthood! Well, your babies sleeping hours are also carried from the womb. But they change with external factors. If you co-sleep your baby, then the baby is very likely to wake up with you.

2. Bathing Every Day:

Science suggests that small babies can be bathed just about thrice a week. But if you are from the school of thought that babies need a bath every day, then it can become your child’s habit! They will ensure that they step out of the house only after a proper bath! You won’t need too much cajoling to get them have their bath on lazy weekends. They would be all neat even before you can ask them to be up and about.

3. Being The Organizer:

You might think that your baby would need the training to organize things at home. The fact it, your baby has already begun observing the surrounding. If you have been picking up the things that she had strewn over the floor, and putting them back to where they belong, your baby knows instinctively that things need to be in order and at the right place. It’s not just this. If you are one of those mommies who marks her calendar events, or pins-up the agenda for the day, or sticks post-it notes on the fridge as reminders, your baby will imbibe the habits of an organizer-mom naturally.

4. Communicating With People:

Needless to say, your baby will inherit the slangs you use, so you must be careful with your speech. This apart, your baby would learn to return phone calls with each answering machine message or reverting emails. Sending out occasional greeting cards or postcards is a beautiful thing to do in an age where electronic communication has taken over an exchange of letters. Let your baby get into the habit of connecting with grandparents and extended family.

5. Table Manners:

Don’t think your baby doesn’t understand table manners because it gets glued to its baby chair while you dine. She is watching you and would imitate you when she begins to eat food on her own. How you make your palate presentable and how you eat your meals (not to forget timely meals) is something that is naturally passed on to your baby!

6. Reflecting Values:

When having a thanksgiving prayer as your wake up, at the dinner table, or before you go to bed are the norms, habits are effortlessly inherited by their babies without much asking. Of course, these values differ from one household to the other and the parameters that define these habits also vary. But reflecting universal values such a basic civic sense, being courteous, and being well-mannered are also passed down to children at a very young age.

7. Being Punctual:

Punctuality is one thing that most people lack. If you are a mom who expects her child to be punctual, you must ensure that you too cultivate punctuality if you aren’t punctual. Beginning with scheduling a routine for your baby is the first step toward initiating him into punctuality.

What were the habits that your baby seemed to have inherited from you? Did you have to make an effort?

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