24 Things Pregnant Moms Must Take To The Hospital

If your due date is any closer, then there is a lot more preparation to do than you might have thought. You will have to carry bags of stuff that you will need at the hospital and leave a bunch of supplies organized at home for rest of the family to be taken care of while you are in the hospital. Here is a list of things that you will need to take with you – just in case you or your partner realize they need an eleventh-hour shopping while you are into labor, or just done with popping out your baby – irrespective of a natural or Caesarean delivery:

1. Phone Charger:

Don’t forget this essential. You don’t want to get disconnected with your partner in case of an emergency.

2. Mobile Phones:

Needless to mention these!

3. A Pair Of Slippers:

You will need them for sure. Will not be a great idea to walk on cold surfaces anyway. You might also want to carry bathroom slippers to maintain hygiene.

4. Pairs Of Socks:

Get a couple of pairs of socks to keep you warm.

5. Shrugs:

There will be instances when your body is very exposed. Just make it a bit neat with hiding any nakedness in shrugs or cardigans.

6. Eye Mask:

While your family or close associates might be spending time in your room, you might want to relax or catch up with some sleep. Use an eye mask to ward of the light and get your beauty sleep.

7. Facial Wipes:

You will need them often. Consider the perspiration or the need to look neat before or after the delivery.

8. Toilet Rolls:

Not every hospital might have set them in your delivery suit, but it might be a great idea to carry some anyway.

9. Ear Plugs Or Cotton Plugs:

Sometimes despite the silence in the room, you get to hear a lot of noise from outside. Ear plugs will not only help you ward of the sound but will also be helpful in keeping you away from any cold post delivery.

10. Moisturizers And Chapsticks:

If your room has no humidifier and your room is running on a heater, and then you will surely need these to keep away dried skin and any cracks.

11. Cash And Change:

You cannot always get going with your bank cards or loyalty cards. Get cash for purchases off the hospital kiosks where they might not accept bank cards. And keep your change ready for the vending machines.

12. Toiletries:

Soaps, shampoos and instant hand sanitizers! Don’t forget these!

13. Hair-Dryer

Don’t soak yourself in water. Carry a hair dryer so you can stay trim and cold-free.

14. Extension Cord:

If you need to carry electronic gadgets like a laptop or CD player, you will also need to carry an extension cord. You may not expect all the plug points vacant for your little entertainment. Hospitals have too many instruments to leave a spot for those.

15. A Lock And A Key

If you have access to a locker, great! Else you might want to carry a combination lock or a mobile locker or simply lock and a key to keep your belongings safe. I would still recommend keeping your valuables at home than bring them to the hospital for about 72 hours.

16. Towels:

Get bath towels, bathrobes and hand towels as well.

17. Spare Sets Of Clothing:

You don’t know how long you might have to be at the hospital. So carry along few clothes.

18. Large Size Innerwear:

Don’t carry your size, but granny panties. At this point of time, these will suit you well than your fancy lingerie.

19. Adult Diapers:

Moving between your suit and the bathroom so many times isn’t easy. Get a bunch of adult diapers so this part is taken care of.

20. Do Not Disturb Sign:

It might be a hassle to deal with the frequent visits of the medical teams, the cafeteria personnel or the housekeepers. You don’t want to hear the door-knocks either. Choose to hang a Do No Disturb sign outside your door when it’s not the time for your doctor’s review visit yet.

21. Spare Bag:

You will need it. On your way back, you might be carrying more stuff than what you brought to the hospital! Consider your baby and the paperwork from the hospital among other things.

22. Snacks, Coffee Mugs, And Dishes:

There might be a facility to microwave your food. Your partner could even fetch food, instant coffee or tea bags among other things that you could consume at the hospital instead of burning your pockets apart from the already shooting medical overheads.

23. Baby Care Books Or Manuals:

You might want to read about birthing, baby care and parenting tips.

24. Baby Clothes And Accessories:

And last but not the least: get stuff for your baby – clothes, socks, headgear, diapers, baby-towels, baby shawl to swaddle, feeding bottle among other things.

Are there any more tips that you adopted to pack for your hospital visit? Write us back!

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