Fetus Not Moving? Try These 5 Tips At Home

The first time the baby kicks is a thrilling and exciting moment for most mothers, one that they would like to experience again and again. Feeling your baby move around in your tummy can be an oddly calming and reassuring feeling that everything is just fine. Fetal movement generally begins in the second trimester, and if you want to keep experiencing the ecstasy of it, you’ll be happy to know that you can anytime you want! Given below are five DIY hacks that induce healthy fetal movement.

1. Chug Down A Cool Glass Of Water

Your little monster can be woken up by a cool glass of water running down your throat and into your belly. The cold temperature of the water can make your baby squirm in search of warmth. You can even try placing an ice pack on your belly and feel your baby move inside to a warm spot. Just be gentle while pressing the ice pack.

2. Prod Your Belly

But be super gentle while doing that! You don’t want to hurt yourself or your baby. This technique is the same one your technician uses when you go in for your ultrasound so you can be 100% sure it works. While he prods you with a stick, we suggest you use something much safer such as your own fingers so you can put just the right amount of pressure. Just wriggle your belly or poke the bump ever so slightly with your fingers to feel the little toy move inside you.

3. Slurp On Natural Fruit Juices

Any natural fruit juice would do. Just drink a glassful and you will feel your baby fidgeting due to the sudden spur in your blood sugar levels. You can also try other healthy alternatives such as nuts, fruits, yogurt etc. We recommend you not to try this with packaged fruit juice as they contain artificial sweeteners which can be harmful for you baby.

4. Hit The Bed

An instant way to wake your baby up from its sweet slumber party in your belly? Go to dreamland yourself. When you’re up and about and carrying out your daily chores, your baby goes into snooze fest mode as the gentle cradling of your movements put its right to bed. But as soon as you lie down, you little tyke wakes up like a nocturnal being. So if you want to feel your baby move around as often as you can, try taking breaks in between your chores. You can either lie down or sit and feel your baby get into action mode.

5. Sing To Your Baby

Yes, a sweet sounding lullaby even before birth can rouse a strong reaction from your baby! When you’re having your round of mommy and baby conversations with your belly, be sure to slip in a little bit of music and you’ll feel your baby gently rolling in your womb. Word of caution: do not play loud music as your little one’s tiny ears are still in the stage of development and can get hurt.

There are some other tricks you can try to get your munchkin moving in the utero. You can try slow jumping jacks. Again, be extremely careful while doing them. You could also shine a flashlight to your belly or do something that gives you an adrenaline rush as long as it’s not dangerous! Although most of the tricks mentioned here are safe, if you have any qualms, be sure to consult your doctor before trying them out. And though it doesn’t sound right to say, well, enjoy the kick!

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