40 Unique Boy Names You Haven’t Heard

especially if you are looking for cute, unusual boy names – you know, the unpopular ones – you need to start looking.Now.

1. Abbot

Abbot, or Abe for short, means “father”. Most widely known for the famous comic duo, Abbot and Costello, this name is perfect for a young child with an old soul.

2. Abel

Abel is a Biblical name of Hebrew origin meaning “son”. Abel was a son of Adam and Eve, so the name is most certainly fitting. 

Just like Abbot above, the most common nickname for Abel is Abe. 

3. Abraham

Abraham, also a Biblical name of Hebrew origin, means “Father of Nations”. It’s strong and powerful and offers great meaning to families looking for a name to represent their Christian faith.

4. Bade

Certainly a unique name, Bade is of Arabic origin and means “incomparable” – and your little guy most certainly is.

5. Beckham

Beckham is a name of English origin made famous by the talented soccer player David Beckham.

The most common nickname for Beckham is Beck.

6. Boden (Bohden)

Boden, a name most widely recognized by those familiar with the British clothing brand, is of Celtic origin and means “blonde”.

So, if your little guy has fair skin, light hair, and you want a name that will stand the test of time, Boden may be a fitting choice.

(You can also break from the name meaning and bestow your dark-haired, olive-skinned little one with this cute, unusual boy name! So what if it means “blonde”?)

7.  Boston

Boston is a beautiful city, rich in history and culture. This name is meaningful for those with American pride or Massachusetts ties. 

Common cute nicknames include Bo and Bos. 

8. Blue

The name famously chosen by Jay-Z and Beyonce, Blue is of American origin and is perfect for those beautiful blue-eyed babes. 

9. Boaz

Meaning strength, Boaz is of Hebrew origin and a wonderful choice for moms who want their child to have a name with Biblical significance.

10. Bowen

Commonly nicknamed Bo, this name meaning “Son of Owen” is of Celtic origin. 

It was chosen by Football Hall of Famer Drew Brees and his wife when their son was born in 2010.

11. Caden

Caden is a name of Welsh origin meaning “spirit of battle.” It (“Kadin”) also means “companion” in Arabic. 

Caden is a fantastic choice for a mom who wants to raise a kind, determined young man. The most common nickname for Caden is Cade. 

12. Clark

Clark is a name made famous by Superman’s alter ego, Clark Kent. Clark is of English origin and perfect for parents who love classic comics. 

13. Colby

Often referred to as Cole for short, Colby is of Scandanavian origin. 

Also notably the name of Colby O’Donis, up-and-coming singer/songwriter, most well known for his recent work with Lady Gaga.

14. Cohen

Cohen is a Hebrew name meaning “priest”. Moms who choose this name often call their little guy Co for short.

15. Davy

Davy (most notably known for being the name of Davy Crockett, “King of the Wild Frontier”) is a name of Celtic origin derived from David, meaning “friend”. 

16. Durham

Though a name of English origin, Durham is most widely known for being part of North Carolina’s Triangle – a group of 3 large cities forming a metropolitan area known for its diverse culture, incredible food scene, and sprawling green space right in the heart of the state.

17. Elias

Of Hebrew origin and derived from the Biblical name, Elijah, Elias is a solid choice for moms who want to give their child a name that signifies their Christian faith. 

18. Enoch

Meaning “dedicated”, Enoch was a Biblical figure, the eldest son of Cain and father of Methusela who is said to have walked with God. 

19. Finnick

Finnick is a name that was made popular by the dystopian book series (and movie trilogy), The Hunger Games, and is of Anglo-Saxon origin. 

Common nicknames include Finn and Nick. 

20. Gage

The name Gage is of French origin and means “a token of defiance”. This name is fitting for a spirited little boy with fire in his belly and love in his heart. 

21. Gaines

Meaning “trickery”, Gaines is a fun first name for a smart and spunky little boy. 

This name made it onto baby name lists in recent years thanks to HGTV stars and power couple, Chip and Joanna Gaines. It still qualifies as an unusual boy name since it’s extremely uncommon (at least as of 2020!).

22. Galen

Galen means “calm” and is of Greek origin. 

It was also the name of a second-century physician whose research helped shape medicine as we know it today. 

23. Gaius

Gaius is of Latin origin and means “to rejoice”. 

It’s a fitting name for any mom who is celebrating the birth of her precious child (particularly those who may have struggled with infertility and thought that joyous day may never come). 

24. Hagan

Hagan means “little fire” and is of Irish origin. 

This name is perfect for parents of Irish descent wanting to pass on a family heritage to their brand new baby boy – especially if that boy has fire-engine red hair!

25. Hal

The name Hal means “army ruler” and is of English origin – a solid choice for parents wanting to raise a child with the heart of a warrior. 

26. Hayes

Hayes Jones, a former Olympian, makes this name of English origin a unique choice for parents wanting to raise a little boy with both determination and strength..

27. Hensley

Hensley is both a timeless and trendy name. It’s popular without being too common – perfect for moms looking for something just a little bit different. 

It means “ambitious” and is of American origin.  

28. Hosea

Hosea is an Old Testament name of Hebrew origin meaning “salvation”. This is a strong choice for parents wanting to signify their Christian faith.

29. Ira

Pronounced EYE-rah, Ira means “watchful”. It’s a name of Hebrew origin and one parents can choose if they want a less common name with Biblical and historical significance.

30. Irish

This one hasn’t made it’s way onto pretty much any name list anywhere. A cool-sounding name, with an obvious nod to Irish heritage, hardly any parents are choosing it.

Who knows, maybe you will be the one to bring this unusual boy name onto modern baby name lists?

31. Keaton

Keaton, Key for short,  is a name of English origin meaning “place of hawks”. 

Michael Keaton is an American actor, famous for his role in Toy Story 3, who shines a spotlight on the name. 

32. Knox

Knox is a name of English origin and the given name of Knox Martin – American painter, sculptor, and muralist. 

What a wonderful name for a budding artist!

33. Lane

Famous American bullrider, Lane Frost, brings notoriety to this name. This is a strong choice for moms who want to name their son after someone with determination and grit.

Lane is of English origin.

34. Lawson

Lawson is an unusual boy name with Old English origins meaning “Son of Lawrence”. Common nicknames include Larry and Lars.

William Lawson Little Jr. (better known as Lawson Little) was a member of the Professional Golfers’ Hall of Fame. 

35. Leander

Leander means “lion man” and is of Greek origin. 

What a cool choice for parents looking to convey courage and heart when naming their little guy!

36. Leland

Given acclaim by the American bass guitarist Leland Sklar, the name Leland is a one-of-a-kind choice for moms and dads who want to pass on a namesake of musical legacy. 

The name Leland is of Old English origin.

37. Maine

Of French origin, the name Maine (meaning “mainland”) is a meaningful choice for parents who call this New England state home. 

38. Mika

Mika is a variant of Mikael and means “who is like God”. 

It’s an excellent choice for parents wanting to honor a family member with the name Mike or Michael, but looking to make it their own.

39. Marc

A form of Marcus (a name of Latin origin), Marc comes from Mars, the Roman god of war. 

Celebrity singer/songwriter, Marc Anthony, is both a philanthropist and the top selling tropical salsa artist of all time. How’s that for a namesake with both talent and heart?

40. Memphis

Memphis is of Greek origin and means “enduring and beautiful”. 

It’s a name full of rich history and deep meaning. If you’ve got roots in this Southern city, Memphis may be the name for you.

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