5 Ways Soon-To-Be Moms Can Prepare For A Girl (And 5 For A Boy)

If there is anything more exciting than getting pregnant then it is knowing whether you’ll have a girl or a boy! And, soon you’ll start planning a million things for the new arrival, at least in your head. Gone are the days when the room was painted pink for a girl and blue for a boy as the dividing lines have blurred over the years. So, here are a few things you can do to prepare yourself for a girl. Or a boy, of course!

Preparing For A Girl

1. Diaper Changes Will Be Different

A diaper change for a girl is obviously different than a boy. This is because it requires you to clean up your baby girl in the delicate nooks and corners. And, any remnants of poop or pee in the crevices will easily lead to infections. Since the area is very delicate, you’ll need to be careful not to cause any friction and be gentle with your wiping sessions.

2. Picking An Outfit Will Be Easy

With boys’ clothing not offering many choices, dressing up your little doll will be pretty easy and fun. You are totally spoilt for choice when it comes to various colors and styles of dressing, not to forget the androgynous styles too. And this is not limited to clothes alone. From pretty sequined shoes to lacy hairbands, you can pick just about anything for your little angel.

3. Like Mamma, Like Daughter

You might’ve often come across videos of cute little girls talking over plastic phones or admonishing their dolls like mamas, haven’t you? Little girls pick these traits very quickly from their mothers. In no time, they’ll be rattling the entire day’s happenings to their play friends outside. Or, even subject their dads to these adorable admonitions at the dinner table! So, look out how you behave in front of your baby girl.

4. Gear Up For Makeup Raids

Another thing girls love doing is putting on that colorful palette of makeup, just like their moms. Of course, they are no pro at it. And, no prizes for guessing the kind of disaster it results in when they get their hands on your expensive cosmetics. So, make sure you lock em’ all up safely when she’s finally around.

5. Prepare For A Dash Of Drama

When it comes to some good-natured drama, girls get their act (pun intended) in place pretty quickly. They’ll cry at the drop of a hat or throw their adorable smile at you to make you give in to their demands. And, if you are in the mood, you can play a bit pricey to get a whole lot of acts out of their creative bags!

Prepare For A Boy

1. They Struggle To Express Themselves

Unlike girls, boys take some time to figure out their emotional side. Therefore, helping them express themselves will take some time and effort from your side too. Just make sure you give plenty of hugs or smile at them frequently so they’ll learn to reciprocate these emotions appropriately.

2. A Little Aggression Is Normal

Blame it on a dash of testosterone or what you will, but your little boy is bound to show a little bit of aggression in almost everything he does. He’ll love dashing his cars to bits or throwing something down from high rise places, or simply make guns or swords out of anything. But, don’t be alarmed by it. It is just the way boys are!

3. A Mama’s Boy From The Word Go!

This may sound cliched but is still true. Although a mother and daughter share a different sort of a bond, boys will always be in love with their moms. Maybe its because only moms can interpret better the way boys express themselves, which is quite an effort for the little ones. But for sure, they’ll always be a mama’s boy unapologetically!

4. They’ll Be A Bundle Of Energy

Little boys can be quite a handful to watch over the minute they learn to crawl or walk. One minute the little monster will be near you and the next, he might be trying to peer over the ledge. Do a good amount of baby-proofing of your home if you are expecting a little boy soon!

5. Expect More Bruises

Whether it’s their inexhaustible energy or their hormones, we do not know. But somehow, boys do feel like superheroes themselves. So, don’t be surprised if they try to fly or jump or simply try to save the world with their antics. Just keep your first-aid box handy for your little superhero!

We hope that these tips help you prepare well ahead to handle your little one better. Do you have some of your own, tried-and-tested hacks as well? Then share it in the comments section below to help your fellow mothers too. Thank you!

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