Meat And Fish: How To Introduce Them Into Baby Food

Meat and fish contain proteins essential for the child’s body and provide the ideal amount of iron for him to grow strong and healthy.

Around 6 months, you can start giving your little one his first purees with meat. It is recommended to start with white meats such as turkey or chicken, as they are more digestible and have a milder flavor.

Later, you can introduce red meat such as beef, lamb or pork into baby’s diet. First, you can add the meat to the vegetable puree, in small quantities and well mixed. When the child is a few months older, we can start giving him very small pieces, larger and larger as he progresses in his ability to chew and swallow.

The fish are introduced a little later, around eight or nine months, because of its high allergenicity. It is important to introduce it gradually and to watch that the little one tolerates it well.

It is advisable to start with white fish (sole, hake, monkfish, etc.) because it contains less fat and is easier to digest; we can then give him blue fish (tuna, sardines, etc.).

For starters, recomposed are the ideal solution, because they are finely ground and the risk that they contain edges is less. If you choose to buy fish, it is very important to check that it is fresh; if in doubt, prefer frozen fish: from a nutritional point of view, it has nothing to envy of fresh fish and offers a greater guarantee of hygienic safety.

Both meat and fish must be steamed in order to retain all of their nutrients.

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