6 Horrible Ways That You’re Making Labor So Much Worse

If your due date is around the corner, you may have started thinking about labor quite a lot, of late. Everyone does, even more so if they are a first-time mom. In fact, you may even be scared at the outset about the process of childbirth. With all the “horror” stories floating around from families and friends alike, it is natural for you to feel a little stressed. And, with the information and awareness you have, you also know that no one is lying when they say that it can be quite a painful process. But, were you aware that there are several things that can make labor even worse? Here, we bring you some of these so that you can steer clear of them:

1. Lying On The Back

Once your labor starts, try not to lie down on your back. Being in, what is known as, the supine position (sleeping on your back) can increase the chances of ‘back labor’. This is a condition where women experiencing labor can feel pain and discomfort in the lower back region. Thus, lying down on the back can make the labor even more painful. So, if you feel like lying down, try to do it sideways or in a type of tilted pose.

2. Having The Fear Of Childbirth

We understand that labor and delivery can be quite scary for you. But, being scared may make you even more tensed. And, this can make the pain seem much worse during labor. The best way to avoid any unnecessary stress is to gain as much awareness as possible. If you don’t want to get into the hassle of going to the hospital, you can also opt for a reliable online class which offers correct information regarding all your birth-related queries.

3. The Surroundings

It is also crucial to ensure that the surroundings of the expecting mom are calm and serene. The lighting is not too bright, and the hospital staff is understanding and reliable. Of course, you would want to feel like you are in safe hands. You might not realize this, but it can have a huge impact during labor. So, try and create a birth plan where you are surrounded by loving staff and all your close ones during childbirth.

4. Breathing Can Make All The Difference

If you know how to breathe during your labor, it can help ease the pain and keep everything under control. Again, to ensure this, try to join a birthing class and stay as well aware as possible. This is a very crucial step and can make all the difference to your entire childbirth experience.

5. Dehydration

As we are all aware, being dehydrated is never a good thing. And, this is even more so during gestation. Both you and your little one need water to absorb adequate nutrition and keep functioning properly. But, if you are dehydrated, your contractions might take a hit, even stalling the labor at times. So, to ensure that everything goes smoothly, drink lots and lots of water before and during labor.

6. Synthetic Medicines To Induce Labor

At times, oxytocin is administered in the form of medications such as Pitocin to induce labor. They can also be given through IV fluids in low dosage to stimulate contractions. While this may help initiate labor that may not have begun on its own, it can also be problematic. Since it is induced contractions instead of the natural ones, the labor may progress much more quickly. Thus, it can become difficult to manage the pain if not for the external pain medications.

Giving birth to a newborn is hard work. Hopefully, if you take the things that we have discussed into consideration, you will be able to find relief from your pain and discomfort to a large extent. We, at urbabyblog.com, wish you loads and loads of luck and happiness!

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