9 Weird Pregnancy Symptoms That Most People Don’t Talk About

Remember the magic shows of good old days? The magician’s hat was probably what amused us the most. Each time the magician pulled out something new from the hat, we were left gasping with surprise. Yes, pregnancy is just like that. The moment we start believing that we now know everything about it, suddenly it springs a surprising symptom on us. And these weird, yet normal, symptoms catch us unawares primarily because they are hardly discussed. So, here’s a list of a few such symptoms.

1. Chadwick’s Sign

This is a sign which initially goes unnoticed. Probably because it is down there. However, if you do notice a slightly purple or a reddish-purple discoloration in your lady bits, then don’t be shocked. In all probability, it is Chadwick’s Sign. This occurs around the fourth week of your pregnancy when the blood circulation increases down there.

2. Unexpected Nose Bleeding

Pregnancy brings about a lot of hormonal upheavals. These hormonal changes also affect the mucous membranes lining the nose and cause them to swell. This swelling exerts pressure on the delicate blood vessels inside the nose causing them to burst easily resulting in a nosebleed. So, deal with your nose gently while blowing or wiping it to avoid a nosebleed.

3. Pregnancy-Related Constipation

Constipation is more common during the third trimester. Yet a lot of us are caught unawares because it is generally not discussed quite often due to the ‘ick’ factor. Constipation in pregnant women generally occurs due to the pressure exerted on the intestines by the growing uterus and relaxation of the intestinal muscles.

4. Hyperosmia

In general, hyperosmia means sensitivity to smell. However, a pregnancy-specific hyperosmia is a heightened sense of smell, especially during the first trimester. And this sensitivity to smell is sometimes what triggers your nausea and bouts of morning sickness. But these symptoms end after the pregnancy.

5. Excessive Itching

As your belly starts expanding, you are bound to feel extra itching. Sometimes, apart from itchiness, unexplained rashes appear and disappear on your body by themselves. These are known as pregnancy hives. Due to the increased blood flow and hormonal imbalance during pregnancy, your skin becomes more susceptible to hives.

6. Increased Blood Volume

Most of the physical changes in your body during pregnancy are quite visible. However, what you will not be aware of is the fact that your blood volume also increases during pregnancy. As the fetus grows, a pregnant woman’s heart needs to pump more blood to the uterus to support the fetal heart.

7. Skin Tags

You may not have had a single skin tag earlier. But, you might start noticing these skin tags, which are loose growths of skin, appearing on your breasts or underarms soon after your pregnancy. They usually disappear after delivery. But, you might have to get them removed by a dermatologist if they do not fall off by themselves post childbirth.

8. Snoring

The hormonal changes during pregnancy affect the mucous membrane lining in your nose, causing them to swell. This results in your nose becoming stuffy. However, this isn’t the regular flu-induced nasal congestion. Nevertheless, this stuffy nose is what makes you snore at night. Want to get back at your husband for disturbing your sleep with his loud snores? Now is the right time for a sweet revenge!

9. Hip Pain

And.. Hips don’t lie! A lot of pregnant women might be aware of an impending back pain, due to a growing belly, of course. However, what they are not aware of is the fact that it can cause hip pain as well. An expecting mother will experience hip pain towards the end of the pregnancy, that is, during the third trimester. This is because the body starts preparing itself for the upcoming labor.

We’re sure some of these symptoms might have come as a total surprise to you. However, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms or something relatively similar, then check with your doctor to know more about the condition. Your doctor will suggest an appropriate solution for the same. Have a safe pregnancy!

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