6 Thoughts During Labor That May Surprise You

When you are expecting a baby, labor with inevitably come at some point. You never know how you will feel during your labor until it happens, even if it’s not your first time. Each experience is so different and unique. However, you are sure to have some expectations. We all know it’s going to hurt, but at what level will vary greatly. There are also going to be quite a few “surprises along the way. Here are 6 thoughts that might just surprise you while you are in labor.

1. I’m Not Ready

You may think that after 9 long months of aches and pains you will be ready to get the show on the road (not to mention you get to meet your very own little person very soon!). However, some women are surprised to say they are actually not ready when labor starts. It doesn’t matter that you’ve picked out a name, or washed endless tiny clothes or packed your hospital bag- your whole life is about to turn upside down and sometimes you may feel like you need a bit more time before that sweet bundle arrives.

2. Throw Out The Birth Plan

Did you think you would go all natural and just rely on your breathing methods to get you through, but then you found yourself asking for that epidural as soon as possible? Or maybe you were going with a plan to get all the drugs but soon realized you could manage without it. You may be surprised by how easily you will throw that birth plan out of the window when things get going.

3. Just Feed Me

I’m shocked more nurses and doctors are not injured when they tell a women in labor that they can’t eat a meal. I mean, aren’t they getting ready to push a baby out of their lady parts? I understand that this is protocol but seriously, eat before you get to the hospital if you can.

4. Get Out Of My Business

Even though it comes with the territory you may find yourself getting fed up with so many people up in your business, especially if it ends up being a long labor. Don’t worry this is totally normal and a lot of women don’t want to see any one else up their who-ha again any time soon.

5. Don’t Touch Me

I was super shocked to find that I didn’t want anyone except my mom to touch me during my labor. My poor sweet husband was so supportive, but I could hardly stand it when it tried to rub my back or hold my hand. If you think this might be you, it’s ok to give your husbands fair warning.

6. I’m Freaking Awesome

This may not come until the very last part when the end is in sight, but at some point you are going to feel like the strong, kick-ass women that you are. It makes it all worth it in the end.

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