7 Tips To Help Your Baby Sleep Through The Night

Check out these simple tips that will help your baby sleep through the night without problems.

In this article, you will therefore find simple but effective strategies for achieving a night of recovery and relaxation. You and your partner will then be ready to face a new day with recharged energy.

Tips to help your baby sleep through the night

  1. Make him eat before putting him to bed
    Before going to bed, be sure your baby is ready to eat, whether breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. Thus, you make sure that the cause of his sleep interruptions is not related to the need to eat.

Then, after eating, put him in his bed and you will see that he will be awake but sleepy. It will therefore be easier for him to fall asleep for longer.

  1. Make the moment fun
    It is perfectly normal for little ones to resist the time to go to bed. Establish a fun and organized ritual that helps them recognize when to go to bed.

Tell a story, take a few minutes for a final game, and put together an illustrated board with the steps to follow each day before going to bed. Remember that success in building habits depends on consistency.

  1. Go to bed early
    You may think that by going to bed early, he will wake up before morning, but that is usually not the case. Indeed, newborns and children around one-year-old wake up less often and sleep longer when they go to bed around 8 p.m.

Therefore, fostering this habit will help make it easier for them to get up when they start school.

  1. Know the characteristics according to age
    Newborns only stay awake for periods of about 20-30 minutes. After three or four months, the time will drop to about an hour.

Knowing this, you will know exactly when you need to change the diaper and feed it so that it is ready for a quiet nap and as long as possible.

Other options to help your baby sleep through the night

  1. Avoid overstimulating the baby
    For a baby who has just entered this world, everything around him is new and stimulates his senses. Indeed, at bedtime, avoid distracting elements in his visual field that do not allow him to stop this stimulation.

Rather, provide it with a quiet, clean space, with a pleasant climate and without excessively colored or sound objects. In this way, his nervous system will manage to relax in no time.

  1. Surrounding the baby with blankets helps him sleep through the night
    Another tip to help baby sleep through the night is to put down his blankets and pillows. The newborns arrive from a soft, comfortable, and safe environment that gives them a feeling of being enveloped.

In the same idea, we can deduce that it will be calmer and soothed if it feels enveloped, as in the belly. In addition, you will prevent him from dropping his blankets, so he will stay warm all night.

  1. Help the baby to relax before sleeping
    Like adults, babies need a transition period from activity to sleep. When you bring your little one to bed, turn off the television, turn down the volume of the music and the mobile phone. Make sure the room has soft lighting and the right temperature.

If you want to help your baby sleep through the night, you and your partner should also be relaxed enough. Children perceive tension and have trouble sleeping when they feel it. Take advantage of your little one’s sleep and these precious minutes to contemplate and stop your activities for a while.

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