9 Fantastic Food Ideas For Baby Led Weaning

So you have decided to take a leap into baby-led weaning, and you are so excited to experience those “firsts” with your baby. You’ve probably done your research on what baby-led weaning is and how to do it, but maybe you are at a loss on what foods to prepare for your baby. Here are 9 finger food options for your babe to try.

1. Diced Cooked Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato is great first food as you can cook it until soft and easily mashed between your fingers, but can be picked up by your baby who is still mastering their pincher grip.

2. Bananas

These are great because it means you can also take baby led weaning on the go easily. Bananas are slippery for little fingers, so try cutting the skin off half way down the banana leaving a “handle” on the bottom for your baby to hold and revealing the fruit on top for your baby to sample.

3. Avocado

Avocado is a great first food because it’s full of good fats for your baby. Again it’s difficult for the baby to hold at first because it’s so slippery so try leaving the skin on the slices you cut until they get the hang of it.

4. Steamed Broccoli Florets

High in vitamin C this vegetable is great for your baby. The stalks are easy to pick up and hold, and the soft tree-like top have a great texture to introduce to your baby.

5. Cucumber Strips

Cucumbers are not just a great BLW food, but also perfect for your baby’s sore teething gums. The seedy part in the center is especially good because it’s so soft and babies can easily mash it up even without very many teeth.

6. Cooked Apple Slices

Cut thin slices of apple and cook until soft enough for your baby to gum. Remember to cut the slices long enough for the baby to hold and chew on and not in large chunks that can be a choking hazard.

7. Toast Slices

Stuck for a breakfast idea? Surprisingly you can start toast right away by cutting it into long finger strips for your baby to pick up. How much they will eat and how much will just become a drool-y mess is debatable but thats all part of the BLW fun. You can even spread cream cheese or jelly to introduce more flavors.

8. Pre-loaded Spoon of Yoghurt

Spoon feeding isn’t technically BLW, however if you pre-load the spoon for your baby to feed themselves it’s totally ok. Thick creamy yogurt is a great way to start introducing the spoon to your little one.

9. Pre-loaded Spoon of Apple Sauce

Another messy but good option is apple sauce. You can skip the baby pureed kind and go straight for the more texture sauce. Load it on a spoon and let your baby have a go at feeding themselves. You may want to take cover when your baby is first learning to use a spoon as they make an excellent catapult.

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