Pregnancy Calendar

1st trimester

1st compulsory prenatal examination (before the end of the 3rd month, ideally at the end of the 2nd month): your doctor will give you the first declaration of pregnancy to be given to social security and to your family allowance fund before the end of the 3rd month.

1st ultrasound: around the 12th week of amenorrhea.

1st blood test and urine test prescribed during the 1st prenatal test. Other examinations may be prescribed depending on the case.

If you want to return to work after your pregnancy: remember to look for a crèche, daycare center or childminder from the 2nd or 3rd month.

Inform your employer of your pregnancy before the end of the 3rd month.

4th month

2nd compulsory prenatal examination

5th month

3rd compulsory prenatal examination

2nd ultrasound: around the 23rd week of amenorrhea. This is also the time to register for childbirth preparation sessions (reimbursed by social security). Find out in your maternity ward.

6th month

4th compulsory prenatal examination

2nd blood test

7th month

5th compulsory prenatal examination

It’s time to prepare your suitcase to be ready for D-Day. Ask for the list in your maternity unit.

8th month

6th compulsory prenatal examination

3rd ultrasound: around the 33rd week of amenorrhea In the event of an epidural, make an appointment with your maternity anesthesiologist.

Send to social security your certificate of sick leave (maternity leave) given by your doctor.

9th month

7th compulsory prenatal examination

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