Bring On The Old Wives’ Tales! Gender Tests That Claim To Guess Baby’s Gender

The news of your pregnancy often brings to mind one exciting question — “what could be the gender of the child?”. Most of us have been guilty of this, whether it is our own pregnancy or if it’s a neighbor’s. It’s a long nine-month wait before the new arrival decides to grace us with their presence, but until then, we’re constantly on the lookout for signs that may indicate the gender of the little one.

And for ages, people have been trying to figure out the gender of the child with their own methods. And we’re not talking about gender screening! Here’s a bunch of old wives’ tales that claim to be smart enough to know if your baby is a he or a she! Could there be some truth to some of these claims, though? Let’s find out!

Need For Excess Grooming? Must Be A Boy!

If your legs and hands seem to be getting hairier than usual and your monthly waxing has almost become a weekly affair, then it is believed that you may be having a boy. The thing is, your hormones play a huge role when it comes to pregnancy. So, the idea is that having a boy baby would cause a spike in testosterone, which in turn causes all that excessive hair growth.

What Are Your Food Cravings Like?

Most of us are familiar with the fact that you experience many food cravings when you are pregnant. But not all of us are familiar with the fact that what you’re craving could tell you if it’s a boy or girl! One interesting old wives’ tale says that if you’re in the mood for spicy food, you’re most likely housing a baby boy. On the other hand, if you’re in the mood for all things sweet, you’re probably having a girl. Nope. Not true.

Morning Sickness? Blame It On Your Baby Girl!

Several women experience morning sickness in the early stages of pregnancy, and this is normal. But, it is also believed that if you’ve got it particularly bad, it could be a sign that you are having a baby girl! There could be some truth to this, though. A study was conducted on women who suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Hyperemesis Gravidarum is essentially a medical condition where a pregnant woman suffers from an extreme sense of nausea and morning sickness. During the study, it was found that those suffering from this condition were most likely to give birth to baby girls. However, we’ll need a lot more research on this area for this theory to be conclusive!.

Acne And Breakouts? Girl For Sure

This one’s ridiculous but funny at the same time. It is believed that you may be having a baby girl if you have sudden acne breakouts during pregnancy. And the explanation is that it is because the baby girl inside you is trying to steal all your beauty! We’re not exactly sold on that idea because the real reason why you have acne is this — hormones.

Your Breast Size May Be Saying Something!

During pregnancy, the size of your breasts tends to increase considerably. This, of course, is your body’s way of preparing you to meet your baby’s needs. However, there is an old wives’ tale that believes that your breasts could signal the gender of your child. Often, women who notice that their breasts are fuller and notably bigger in size are more likely to have a baby boy. And guess what? A study was conducted to validate this belief, and a link was found between bigger breasts and boy babies! It’s kind of surprising but true that pregnant women whose breasts were fuller were most likely to have boy babies. More research is needed to understand the science behind this connection fully, but for now, it’s safe to assume that this particular belief might have been closer to the truth.

The Shape Of Your Growing Belly

Many people believe that you could tell if it is a boy or a girl by keeping a close watch on what shape your belly takes. It is often believed that it’s a boy if your belly looks wider and thicker around your sides. And it’s a girl if your belly is slimmer on the sides but protruding in the front. Truth be told, the shape of your belly has more to do with your body type than with the gender of your child. If you observe carefully, you’ll see that women who are shorter and smaller in stature often have bellies that protrude in the front rather than the sides. This is simply because the body structure is such that it can’t accommodate much on the sides. And the opposite is true for women who have a wider frame.

It’s fun to listen to these old wives’ tales and try to figure out if it’s a baby girl or a baby boy. However, these beliefs aren’t accurate, so if you really want to know the gender of your child, do a gender screening test (if that is legal in your country). Or, you could just wait in anticipation and excitement to see what the future holds in store for you! What are some of the beliefs you’ve come across? Let us know in the comments below!

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