Childbirth: The Role Of Dad

The presence of the father at the time of the birth of his child makes it possible to create, from the first moment, an emotional bond with the baby.

Since the choice to help his spouse during childbirth must be completely free and not forced, the presence of the father at the time of the birth of his child allows him to create a greater emotional involvement with his baby.

For the expectant mother, the support of her partner at such an important and fundamental moment represents a great help. Indeed, by analyzing the dreams of pregnant women, psychologists have discovered that the father holds for them a role of “lightning rod” of all their anxieties, worries and insecurities.

Typically, there are three “types” of dads in the delivery room:

  • Active dads, who encourage and help their partner to breathe properly, maintain the right position and relax while massaging them to relieve their pain.
  • Sentimental dads, who comfort and encourage their partner and have an intense emotional implication. These dads are the most at risk of being overwhelmed and of not being able to overcome the “impact” of the delivery room.
  • Dads who, “paralyzed” by fear and emotion, are unable to offer help or moral support to their partner.

But, in reality, any dad who decides to attend the birth of his child must forget the fear of feeling useless and clumsy. Her presence alone is an important support for her partner and this moment is a crucial stage for the relationship that will be established between her baby and him.

It may also be useful for the father to previously attend childbirth preparation classes with the expectant mother. These courses will allow him to prepare for the role he will have during childbirth, but also to be aware of what is happening to his partner.

Living the birth of his baby alongside his wife serves, among other things, to ensure that the father remembers and reconstructs the beginnings of his couple’s history and increases the feeling of cohesion that he feels. towards his partner.

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