Help Your Toddler Stop Putting On Diapers

Removing the diaper is one of the stages of child development that parents often look forward to. After changing nearly two thousand diapers a year (around 6 a day), you probably want your child to start going to the bathroom all by himself. Some children learn in a few days, others need several months. In general, the younger the child starts, the more time it takes.

At what age to remove the diaper?

It depends on the children, but it is generally considered that two years is a good age to remove the diaper during the day. Sometimes, around a year and a half, some children can already determine when they want to pee or poop, which greatly facilitates the task.

Here are some signs that may indicate that your child is ready to go potty:

  • Your child is able to obey simple orders and begins to communicate with you verbally.
  • Your child is agitated when his diaper is wet or dirty and, in his own way, he makes you understand that he should be changed.
  • Your child stays dry longer.
  • Your child expresses himself his desire by small signs (he hops, puts his hands in his diaper, etc …) or words (he says “pee”).
  • Your child is able to take off and put back his panties on his own, but also to sit still for two minutes.

For convenience, parents often take advantage of the summer to remove the diaper from their children because they wear fewer clothes and can easily stay the buttocks in the air. Also make sure that this step does not coincide with a major change in your child’s life, such as the arrival of a little brother or sister.

The most important thing, when you decide to delete the layer, is to proceed little by little. You have to respect the child’s rhythm because giving up the diaper is like training and the results will be better each time, until you don’t put on a diaper at all!

How to teach the child to give up diaper

First of all, you should never scold the child or insist too much. Only one rule: patience. In addition, it is not the same thing to put on the diaper no more than during the day, this second stage can sometimes take several years. Regarding daytime cleanliness, the experts’ recommendation is simple: just put the child on the potty every hour and let him do what he has to do. It’s a way to create a habit. Sometimes the child may not want or want to pee. It doesn’t matter: after five minutes you put his pants back on and leave him free to do whatever he wants.

Other tips to help your child stop putting on diapers

  • Let the child know where the toilet is. Thus, he will know that it is a place reserved for him and where he can go when he feels the need. We advise you to leave a pot suitable for its size.
  • Stay by the child’s side and distract him. Always have illustrated books on hand, so the child will associate going to the bathroom with a good time.
  • For the poop, be patient. Doctors explain that this is more difficult because children feel like they are leaving part of themselves.
  • Reward your child when he gets to pee or poop in the pot. It will motivate and encourage him.
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