How Does Your Baby Feel In The Womb When You Laugh?

If a woman has been trying to get pregnant for some time, then it is probably one of the happiest moments of her life when she comes to know that she is pregnant. From here on, she sets on a wonderful journey, sharing the many highs and lows with her baby until the D-Day arrives. This journey of pregnancy is a mixed bag of emotions too, which includes happiness, elation, nervousness, and anxiety. Of course, the anxiety and nervousness stem from the soon-to-be mother’s concern for her little one. No wonder then, as an expectant mother, you’ll be very careful about every movement of yours to make sure it does not hurt your baby. Because everything you do, you’ll be told often, is going to affect your baby.

What Goes On In The Womb?

We generally assume that it might be quite dark and boring inside the womb for the baby. However, it is anything but that. Thanks to modern technology, scientists now believe that the womb is like a little sensory and virtual playground for your baby. For instance, your baby will react to your voice, get startled with loud unpleasant sounds and also enjoys pleasant music. Your baby can also react to light and darkness. And what’s more? Your little one can even taste the food you eat and tell the difference between sweet and spicy food by giving you a sharp nudge if he/she doesn’t like either one of them! Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? When your baby can feel so many things, have you ever thought how he/she feels when you laugh? Lets us discuss this below.

What Happens When You Laugh?

Now, you need to remember that your baby is literally floating in a bag of liquid. So, any sharp jerks or movements to your belly might also make your baby tumble as your position changes. When an expectant mother goes into fits of laughter, her belly is bound to move in sudden jerks. This will make your baby tumble and toss around. Imagine setting your baby off on a trampoline – that’s how the effect might seem. Your baby will simply, and safely, bounce around in the amniotic fluid. And, like the rest of the things, your baby might also carry this habit outside the womb as well. So, don’t be amazed if your little one starts prancing around as soon as he/she learns to walk.

The Baby Might Remember Your Laughter

Babies usually start hearing sounds inside the womb from the 20th week of pregnancy. At this stage, the baby’s outer, middle, and inner ears are completely developed. From here on, everything that your baby hears will have a good or bad effect, depending on the type of sound or voice. It is also from this stage until birth, that the baby will start recognizing the voices from inside the womb and will also respond to it. Your baby will continue to respond to yours’ as well as your spouse’s voice even after birth which shows that your baby remembers what he/she heard inside the womb. So, why not make it a pleasant memory for your little one? And, what can be more pleasant than the sound of your laughter? Don’t you agree?

It is often believed that the moment the umbilical cord connects the mother and the baby inside the womb, this bond stays with them forever. And this parent-child bond continues even after the child enters the world. However, during pregnancy, the soon-to-be parents go out of their way to connect with their yet-to-be born-baby inside the womb. It is these attempts to bond with each other that makes this phase all the more magical. So, live in the moment and cherish these magical memories. Have a safe and happy pregnancy! Cheers!

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