How To Increase Breast Milk Production

In some cases, the mother may not produce enough breast milk to satisfy her baby’s insatiable appetite. The key to solving this little problem is to stimulate the chest.

The more the baby suckles, the more milk will be produced by the breast. Tranquility and serenity are also factors that promote the production of breast milk.

Experts say that there are few real shortcomings in breastmilk production and, in most cases, the concerns of moms have no serious basis. Before you panic and think you are not producing enough milk, make sure your baby is full and getting the amount of milk he needs.

Why do I make little breast milk?

The causes are usually too weak stimulation of the chest which can be caused by discomfort or pain caused by breastfeeding. This moment of bonding with your baby then turns into a time of pain, the breastfeeding phases are therefore fewer and, not being sufficiently stimulated, the breast decreases its production of breast milk.

On the other hand, psychological or physical disturbances of the mother due to stress, fatigue or depression (the famous baby-blues) can also be a cause of the decrease in breast milk.

It is also possible that the mother’s production of breast milk is completely correct and in sufficient quantity, but that the baby does not latch on efficiently and therefore cannot suckle the quantity of milk. which he needs. In this case, the key factor for improvement is obviously to help the infant to latch on correctly, for example by calling on a midwife who will guide you in the best way to position your baby and your breast in order to allow him to have breastfeeding in the best conditions.

How can I make more breast milk?

If, despite everything, you do not produce enough breast milk for your little greedy’s needs, here is a list of tips that can be of great help to you:

  • Stimulate your breast: sucking the baby is the best way to produce more milk. You can also use a breast pump to “motivate” your breast to produce more breast milk.
  • Feed your little one whenever he needs it, no matter what time or frequency. If your baby wants to suckle, it’s because he feels the need, so please him. The more you feed him with breast milk, the more milk you will produce. On the other hand, if you alternate suckling with bottles of synthetic milk, you will decrease the stimulation of your breast, and therefore the milk produced.
  • Find the best position to breastfeed your baby. If you and your baby are well settled for this time of feeding, it will only be more pleasant for both of you. When breastfeeding, squeeze your breast lightly to significantly increase the flow of breast milk. When you think that the milk flow is now correct, continue then change breasts and repeat the operation until your baby is full.
  • Some plants contain properties similar to female estrogens and thus promote the production of breast milk. We can cite sesame seeds for example.

If, despite all this advice, you think you are not producing enough milk, do not hesitate to consult your doctor so that he can diagnose if it may be due to a dysfunction of the thyroid glands.

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