Why do I only have girls?

Many fathers and mothers wonder why they only have daughters, because of the predominance of the female sex in the family. Although there is no reliable source, some of the potential causes of this phenomenon are still debated by experts. Do you want to know which ones?

One of the most enjoyable moments of pregnancy is knowing the gender of the baby. Although this is very cliché, many condition the sex of the baby the future activities they wish to implement. Find out below why you “only” have daughters and take full advantage of your parenting.

What does the baby’s gender depend on?

Chromosome 23
The baby’s sex is determined by the chromosome carried by the sperm, which manages to fertilize the egg. However, it is necessary to emphasize that the cells of the body are composed of 46 chromosomes. These, in turn, are grouped in pairs (i.e. 23) and, in each pair, one chromosome is inherited from the father and the other from the mother.

Chromosomes XX are for the female sex and XY for the male.

It is chromosome 23 that holds the information that will determine the gender of the child. Each sex cell contains half of the chromosomes (23). So, in the case of the ovum, chromosome 23 is an X. In the sperm, chromosome 23 can be an X or a Y. So if a Y sperm fertilizes the egg, the result will be a boy, but if it’s an X chromosome, it will be a girl.

What is going on with the sperm?

You probably say to yourself that if you only have daughters, it’s because you only have X sperm. It’s a subject debated by experts, some bet on chance and others on sperm conditions. However, among the reasons that may explain this prevalence are:

The characteristics of sperm
It is believed that there are differences in terms of speed, endurance and strength. X sperm are stronger and more resistant, but slower. The Ys are weak and small, but they are more agile.

Thus, during sexual intercourse before ovulation, it is more likely that an X-sperm fertilizes because of their resistance. On the other hand, during intercourse during ovulation, the possibility that a sperm Y fertilizes increases because of their speed.

The existence of a fatal male syndrome
On the other hand, there is a belief that some families may have an illness. This would destroy the gene for a specific sex, mainly the male. Therefore, although they can be designed, they can hardly survive.

Sperm abnormalities
Another reason may be a strange characteristic of the sperm that destroys the Y chromosomes. However, this is still under investigation and therefore cannot be considered scientific fact.

The Benefits of Having Daughters

Regardless of gender, all parents love their children and care for them with love. However, having several daughters can have certain advantages, among which it should be noted:

For mothers. You will have a friend with possible common interests ranging from clothing to travel, which allows all kinds of positive experiences between you. Teach him from childhood to be strong and intelligent.
For fathers. You will discover another role in identifying the needs of your little one and you will become more affectionate and understanding. In addition, you will become a protector to guarantee the success and happiness of your daughters.
In conclusion, if you only have daughters, it is the X or Y sperm present in human chromosomes that determine it.

Regarding the predominance of certain sexes, this may be due to chance, sperm condition, abnormalities or defects in the sperm. In any case, the truth is that being a parent of girls brings great experiences and challenges to be overcome with love.

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