How To Raise Baby on a Tight Budget

Loving this outlook that babies don’t have to be expensive. This really breaks down how you can save and stock on necessary baby items. Families really can grow without breaking a tight budget and keeping their financial well being in tact!

Raising a baby on a tight budget doesn’t have to be difficult. I am going to show you how to do it under $2,000.

Let’s begin.

The Absolute Necessities for Having a Baby on a Tight Budget

Car Seat (119$)
Feeding Supplies (16$)
Bottles set (x4 $39.99)
Bottle Brush (x2 $4)
Breast Pump (40$)
Breast Pads (9$)
Breast Milk Storage Bags (14$)
Formula (39$)
Feeding Solids ($0)
Diapers (28$)
Wipes (13$)
Clothes ($200)
Body wash and shampoo (29$)
Baby grooming kit (17$)
Thermometer (9$)
Baby Bottle Warmer (32$)
Crib and/or Pack n Play (130$)
Stroller (140$)
Teething supplies (10$)
Baby pacifier set (14$)
High Chair (40$)
Baby toys (6$)
• Well, there you have it. For all of these necessities, you can plan to have a baby on a tight budget for a grand total of $1604.18 if you purchase a crib and pack n play in addition to a stroller and carrier.
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