Is There A Right Time To Announce Your Pregnancy

The road to pregnancy may not be a smooth ride for everyone. There are a lot of things to take care of. Your health, diet, monthly appointments, and tests, among several others. But from the time you see the two pink lines and confirm your pregnancy, the first thought that pops in your mind is when to share the good news with others. Some people like to keep it a secret for at least a few months while others choose to reveal it as soon as they can. Whether you do it right away or wait a couple of months, it’s completely up to you. But before you do so, here are a few things to consider to make your decision simpler:

There is no perfect time to announce the big news to your family and friends. You can share it with one person at a time or arrange a big gathering to reveal the big surprise. Some people also choose to reveal it to their close ones first, like their parents and close friends. And then announce it to their colleagues and others a little later. This will buy you some time to adjust to all the new changes and may not feel as overwhelming.

Here are a few reasons that some people announce it early and some late. Have a look:

The Early Reveal

Not everyone can keep it a secret. They can’t wait to share it with everyone they know. They are over the moon and want everyone to share their joy. But there can be several other reasons why some announce it soon.

1. Severe Morning Sickness:

Many women experience morning sickness during the first trimester (1). Nausea and vomiting can make any pregnant woman’s life miserable. Along with all the symptoms of morning sickness, the emotional burden of not being able to share the news can put added pressure in a woman’s life. You may crave for some comfort and help from your loved ones which can only be received by telling them about your pregnancy.

2. Travel Plans/Professional Commitments:

You may have made some travel plans with your friends or your work may require traveling. To avoid it, some couples decide to break the news early.

3. IVF Treatment:

If you are getting pregnant via in-vitro-fertilization, your close friends and family may know about it. It’s hard to keep it under wraps due to the frequent visits to the doctor. In such cases, people announce the news about their pregnancy early on as everyone will be eager to know about the progress.

4. Post Miscarriage

Couples who previously had a miscarriage may decide to tell early. This way they will be able to receive love and support from their close ones.

Those Who Wait

Some couples do not spill the beans about their pregnancy until after the first trimester is over. And there are a few reasons why:

1. Chances Of Miscarriage

Since most miscarriages happen during the first 13 weeks of being pregnant, people prefer to share the good news later when they are confident and comfortable about it.

2. Prenatal Checkup

Another reason why couples hold off on sharing the news is to make sure there aren’t any complications that will lead to the termination of pregnancy. So, they may prefer to wait until they get the ultrasound results.

The Last To Share

Some couples may wait until the physical changes are visible and the baby bump reveals itself. It’s mostly because the last thing they want right now is unwanted criticism and unnecessary advice. Once your friends and family know about your pregnancy, you will be flooded with too many advice. They may even share their horror stories about pregnancy and labor. What!

Pregnancy is an exciting and overwhelming time for everyone. You may wish for their help and support or you may want some privacy during this time. It’s ultimately a personal choice for every woman and couple, but not without weighing the pros and cons that come with each. We hope our article helped you make an informed choice. Stay happy, stay healthy!

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