6 Handy Dos And Don’ts For A New Dad

Congrats! You’re a father. While the role of a mother is often talked about and acknowledged, the truth is that fathers too play a crucial role in the journey of their children. Gone are the days when parenting was solely a mother’s job. Dads these days are eager and more than willing to pitch in and do their part! This is a huge responsibility, one that requires patience and understanding.

Having said that, there are a few do’s and don’ts that every new dad should know about. Follow the do’s, stay away from the don’ts, and everyone’s happy! So let’s get to it:

1. Do Make An Effort To Learn Your Baby

Babies give a lot of cues. From crying when in distress to giggling when they see someone they love, it’s lovely to witness. Mothers communicate, help, and manage their babies with the help of these cues. As a new dad, you too can make an effort to learn your baby’s signals, body language, and cues.

2. Don’t Ask “What’s For Dinner?”

…how about preparing it for a change? Your partner has just delivered a tiny human and is healing from that trauma. She is taking care of the said tiny human, herself, and you as well. Pitching in to make a meal can make such a difference to her busy schedule, and she will be grateful for it. Don’t assume that you’re the more tired one just because she’s been at home all day and you’ve got back home after a day’s work. Mothers who have just had a baby do not have it easy.

3. Do Communicate With Your Baby

We spoke about learning your baby’s cues; now, there is a second part to that — your communication. You might not know this, but your baby listens to your voice and makes a connection. It can also help with your little one’s social and communication skills. Go ahead and have a full-fledged conversation with your junior. You won’t look stupid. If anything, we all love new dads who baby-talk with their kids!

4. Don’t Hold Your Baby That Way

Which way, you ask? There’s a classic “dad” way of holding your baby — lying on your back, baby lifted high up over your head, facing you. Do you know what this can do to your baby? It will make them puke! Your baby loves this too, and it’s all fun and games until the puking starts. If you thought this was bad enough, wait until mama comes and sees the mess you’ve done.

5. Do Communicate With Your Partner

The dynamics of your relationship with your partner are bound to change after the arrival of your baby. Priorities change, routines are not the same, and what used to be a “couple thing” suddenly has a tiny intruder. It’s essential to have a healthy channel of communication to deal with all of these changes. Talk about your fears, concerns, accomplishments, and anything else, and make an effort to listen when your partner shares the same.

6. Don’t Ignore Yourself

We often forget that fathers too can get tired sometimes. They might not have popped a watermelon-sized human all on their own, but they too have their woes. Mothers are great, but fathers are too. Your family needs your care and support, which can be done only if you take care of yourself first!

Keep these things in mind when you help your partner and your child in the first few months after childbirth. It is a difficult time, and they require your support. Here’s to all the dads who make an effort even if they have no clue what they’re doing! What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments below!

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