These 30 Baby Names Are Sure To Be Popular

Having a baby may be the most precious moment for all parents. But choosing the right name for their bundle of joy is certainly not an easy task. Here are few popular names with a great meaning:

1. Zoya

Zoya means ‘Alive’ or ‘Full of life’ and has its origins in most Middle-Eastern and Asian languages. Other meanings like “loving” and “caring” are also attributed to this popular name for girls.

2. Rahyl

Also spelt Rahil, it means “Innocent’ in Hebrew and “Traveler” in Arabic, and is a suitable alternative to the common name, Rahul, for baby boys.

3. Inayah

Inayah literally means “Grace”, but also means “Solitude” and “Kindness”. This popular name for girls originates from Arabic.

4. Reyansh

Meaning “First Ray of Sunlight” in ancient Hindi, this lovely name for boys is also popular for its attractive short names like Rey, Ansh, Anshu, etc.

5. Alina

Of Scottish-Gaelic origin, Alina means “Noble”. A common first name for girls in Europe, America and Russia, it’s now popular in Asia and Middle-eastern too.

6. Aarav

Meaning “Melodious Music” in Sanskrit and signifies a calm and composed personality, which is why it’s the most favorite name in India.

7. Kimaya

Kimaya means “Divine” in Gujarati, Hindi and Oriya. This celestial name for girls also implies to the divinity of Goddesses in India.

8. Vedant

Vedant means “King of all” or “Absolute Truth”, with its origins in ancient Vedas (Hindu scriptures).

9. Megan

Megan means “Pearl”, “Soft and gentle”, and is a popular name of Welsh origin for girls.

10. Azlan

Azlan originates from Arabic and Urdu where it means “Lion” and is a very popular name for boys and implies to bravery.

11. Zaina

Zaina/Zaynah means “Beauty and grace” in Arabic. This beautiful name for girls is hugely popular in Middle-East and Asia.

12. Nevan

Nevan means “Saintly”. Another trendy name of Scottish-Gaelic origin like Alina, this name is popular among boys.

13. Vera

Vera, meaning “Faith” in Slavic and “True” in Latin, is gaining popularity as a girl’s name due to a famous designer associated with it.

14. Ethan

Ethan means “Strong, Firm” in Hebrew. Though it is of Biblical origin, it continues to be one of the most preferred name for boys.

15. Adalyn

Adalyn means “Noble”. A combination of American names “Ada” and “Lyn”, it’s a popular baby girl name due to its similarity to Adele, the famous British singer.

16. Mohid

Mohid means “Believer in the oneness of Almighty”. This popular name for boys is primarily of Urdu and Arabic origin

17. Gemma

Gemma meaning “Gem” or “Gemstone”; is of Italian origin. A popular name for girls in the 80’s, it’s old-world charm has got it back into the limelight.

18. Azad

Literally means “Independent” and “Free”. With its origin in Hindi, Urdu, Arabic and Persian, people are rediscovering its relevance to current times.

19. Maira

Maira means “Moon” in Arabic. This beautiful name for girls is rapidly spreading its charm around the world.

20. Zohran

With Moon in the race, the Sun can’t be far behind. A popular name of Urdu origin for boys, Zohran means the “Sun”.

21. Maham

Maham means “Full Moon” in Persian and is a popular choice of name for girls along with Maira.

22. Nabeel

Nabeel means “Noble” in Arabic and is a popular name for boys, especially in Asia, Africa and the Middle East

23. Ziva

Ziva is a popular Hebrew name for girls and means “Brilliance” or “Radiance”. It shot to popularity after a famous Indian Cricketer named his daughter “Ziva”.

24. Shahraan

Shahraan derives its meaning from the Persian words “Shah” and “Raan” meaning Royal Knight respectively and is currently another favorite choice for baby boys.

25. Sayesha

Sayesha means “The one with divine powers” or “Shadow of God”. It has its origins in many Indian languages and is popular name for girls among Asians.

26. Kabir

Kabir means “The Great” or “Noble” in Arabic. Despite being archaic, the mystique around it continues to make it an ideal choice for baby boys.

27. Sitara

Sitara means “Star light” or the “Morning Star”. It’s a derived from the Persian language and is a popular name for girls.

28. Nehal

Nehal is popular name for boys with different variants including Indian, Egyptian, Turkish and Middle-eastern; with the most popular meaning being “Intelligent” and “Genius”

29. Nysa

Nysa in Greek means “Goal”. It is a popular choice of name for girls, especially in African and Asian countries.

30. Emaan

Emaan means “Faith” in Arabic. It is quite a popular name globally for both boys and girls.

Irrespective of which name you choose for your baby, it’ll surely be one in a million for you!

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