Top Unisex Baby Names List Ever/With meanings

We’ve included some of the best unisex baby names including some of the most popular gender-neutral names such as Andie, Hayden and Shae. You can find the full list below:

1. Addison

Old English, ‘Child of Adam’

2. Adrian

A form of the Latin given name Adrianus or Hadrianus, probably from the ancient river Adria

3. Aiden

Of Gaelic derivation, meaning ‘fire’

4. Ainsley

Scottish origin meaning ‘one’s own meadow’

5. Alex

From the Greek for ‘defender’

6. Alfie

Short form of Alfred, from Old English Aelfraed meaning ‘elf’ and ‘counsel’ or ‘wise’

7. Ali

From Arabic, ‘exalted, noble’

8. Amory

Old German origin, ‘brave, power’, variant of Emory

9. Andie

Variant of Andy

10. Andy

Shortening of Andrew/Andrea from the Greek Andreas

11. Angel

Greek origin, from angel, ‘angelos’ or God’s messengers

12. Archer

From the surname, meaning ‘Bowman’, now sometimes used as given name

13. Arden

Latin origin, ‘great forest

14. Ari

Of Hebrew and Scandinavian origin, ‘lion, eagle’, or a shortening of Ariel

15. Ariel

Hebrew origin, meaning ‘lion of God’

16. Armani

Italian origin meaning ‘warrior’ but now linked to fashion designer Giorgio Armani

17. Arya

Sanskrit and Persian origin meaning of ‘noble’, but also popularised by Game of Thrones

18. Ash

Shortening of Ashley or Ashton

19. Ashley

Unisex name, originally for boys, English origin of ‘Ash tree meadow’

20. Ashton

From an English surname derived from a place name meaning ‘ash tree town’, more commonly used in America

21. Aspen

English origin from the tree

22. Athena

Greek, the goddess of wisdom

23. Aubrey

From old German, meaning ‘elf or magical being’

24. Auden

Of Old English origin, ‘old friend’

25. August

From the Latin, Augustus, a title given to emperors

26. Avery

From the surname, which was itself a French pronunciation of Alfred, Old English, meaning ‘elf counsel’

27. Avis

Of Latin origin meaning ‘bird’

28. Bailey

From Old English meaning ‘berry clearing’ but also ‘bailiff; city fortification’

29. Baker

Old English ‘baecere,’ meaning ‘baker, originally an occupational name

30. Bay

From Latin, ‘berry’ or French ‘auburn-haired’

31. Bellamy

Old French origin, ‘handsome or beautiful friend’

32. Bergen

Scandinavian and Old German origin, ‘lives on the hill; mountain’

33. Bevan

Of Welsh origin, originally from ‘son of Evan’

34. Billie

Version of Bill and diminutive of William

35. Billy

Version of Bill and diminutive of William

36. Blaine

Roots in Gaelic from ‘yellow’, probably referring to a person with blonde hair

37. Blair

English and Scottish, ‘Child of the plains, field, or battlefield’

38. Blake

Old English, originally a nickname ‘blac’someone who had dark hair or skin (‘blac’), or pale hair or skin (‘blaac’)

39. Blue

From the colour, modern usage

40. Bobby

Initially a nickname for Robert

41. Bowie

Gaelic and Scottish, ‘yellow’, ‘fair-haired’, originally a surname

42. Brady

Irish and Gaelic origin, ‘descendant of Brádach’, which itself possibly means ‘spirited’ or ‘broad’

43. Brennan

Of Irish and Gaelic origin, ‘teardrop’

44. Brent

Old English for ‘high place, steep hill’

45. Brett

From Celtic and French, meaning Breton or someone from Brittany, France

46. Briar

Old English from the thorny shrub but also the name Briar Rose given to the princess in Sleeping Beauty

47. Brighton

English, ‘bright town’, also the town on the south coast of England

48. Britton

Old English, ‘from Britain’

49. Brooke

Old English and Old German origin from ‘water/small streem’

50. Brooklyn

Old English ‘small stream’ but also from the New York City borough

51. Brooks

Old English and Old German for ‘water, small stream’

52. Caelan

Gaelic and Irish name, ‘slender and fine, fair or pure’

53. Cameron

Scottish baby name, ‘crooked’

54. Campbell

Originally a Scottish surname named for a person with a crooked mouth, or crooked smile

55. Carey

Of Gaelic origin for ‘love’

56. Carmel

It is of Hebrew origin, ‘garden, orchard’

57. Carmen

Variation on Carmel

58. Carroll

Of Old German derivation, ‘free man’

59. Carson

Scottish, Old English, ‘son of the marsh-dwellers’

60. Carter

Old English ‘one who carts/transports goods’, also a surname

61. Casey

Of Irish and Gaelic origin, ‘alert, watchful’

62. Cassidy

Irish, ‘person with curly hair’

63. Chance

Middle English origin, ‘good fortune’

64. Channing

English and Old German origin, ‘young wolf; official of the church’

65. Charley

Originally a nickname for Charles, Charlene or Charlotte

66. Charlie

Originally a nickname for Charles, Charlene or Charlotte

67. Chris

Shortening of Christopher/Christian/Christine

68. Clay

A shortened version of Clayton

69. Clayton

Old English, from ‘clay settlement’

70. Cody

Irish and Gaelic origin, meaning ‘helper’

71. Cole

Old English, ‘swarthy, coal-black’

72. Corey

Uncertain origin, could be from a Norse surname or the Gaelic coire (‘cauldron/ a seething pool/hollow’)

73. Dakota

Native American origin for ‘friend/ally’, also from the US states

74. Dale

Old English, ‘small valley’

75. Dallas

Irish, Gaelic and Scottish origin, ‘from the dales’, also a village in Scotland and city in Texas

76. Dana

Hebrew variant of Daniel, ‘God is the judge’ or old English, ‘a Dane from Denmark’

77. Dane

Old English, ‘a Dane from Denmark’

78. Darby

Old English, ‘without envy’ and the place name, ‘park with deer’

79. Daryl

Originated from French surname (‘from Airelle’, a town in Calvados)

80. Dawson

Old English, from the surname meaning ‘son of David’

81. Delta

Greek origin, ‘mouth of a river’

82. Denver

Old English and French origin, ‘green valley’, contemporary use may refer to the city

83. Devin

Irish and Gaelic origin, from ‘bard, poet’ or from the French ‘divin’, meaning ‘divine’

84. Dorian

Greek origin, ‘from Doris’, an area in Greece

85. Drew

Of Greek origin meaning ‘strong and manly

86. Dylan

Welsh origin ‘son of the sea’, a legendary Welsh hero

87. Easton

English origin meaning ‘east-facing place’

88. Eddie

Short for Edward/Edwin/Edwina

89. Eden

From the Biblical Garden of Eden, meaning ‘delight’

90. Elliott

From Hebrew, ‘Jehovah is God’

91. Ellis

From Hebrew, ‘Jehovah is God’

92. Ellison

Of Hebrew origin meaning ‘Son of Elias’

93. Ember

English, meaning ‘Spark, Burning Low’

94. Emerson

Old English, from the surname ‘Emery’s son’

95. Emery

German origin meaning ‘Brave; powerful’

96. Emory

Variant of Emery

97. Erin

Irish and Gaelic origin, from a poetic word for ‘Ireland’

98. Evelyn

A girl’s name of English origin meaning ‘wished for child’

99. Ezra

A boy’s name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘help’

100. Finley

Scottish, Irish origin meaning ‘fair-haired hero’

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