Sur Symptoms Of Baby Boy During Pregnancy

So you’re having a baby and wondering if you’ll be having a cute little boy or a sweet baby girl?

Well according to old gender Wives’ tales, there are some pregnancy symptoms that can tell you if you’re expecting a boy or a girl.

But it’s definitely not science and the only way to really predict this is with an ultrasound at the right time.

You can still make a good guess though. Even though these are old Wives’ Tales, a couple are based in Science.

So read on and play the guessing game with your baby bump because it’s good, clean fun!

Signs You May Be Having A Boy According To Old Wive’s Tales


ou’re Only Putting On Pounds Around Your Belly

It has been said by many that if you only gain weight in the front around your tummy that you’ll have a boy.

Of course, it really varies from pregnancy to pregnancy but a lot of times this proves to be fairly accurate.

It did for me and many women we have interviewed.

It may be due to differences in hormone levels. There IS a difference between hCG and oestrogens when having a boy versus a girl.

This may explain why a couple of these Old Wive’s Tales seem to have some merit.

You Carry Low

Boys are said to be carried low.

But in truth, your belly shape can change very often due to many factors.

Your baby can carry low no matter what if you’ve had more than one pregnancy because your muscles are more stretched.

And at the end of pregnancy, once your baby has dropped and engaged you will appear to be carrying low no matter what the sex.

Your Skin Is Glowing

Your mother or Grandmother may tell you that you are glowing and that means you a pregnant with a boy.

Or if your skin breaks out with cystic bumps that you’re having a baby girl.

This is another that seems to be true pretty often.

It was for me. My skin looked pretty great with both my boys but I did get terrible, irritating acne with my girl. It was not fun.

Your Baby’s Heartbeat is Below 140

I have heard this one many times but as far as I can tell from research it’s a complete myth.

But still, it’s fun to ask and ponder.

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You Don’t Really Have Morning Sickness

Out of all the things we have listed here this one seems to be the most likely sign to hold some truth to it.

You do have higher hCG when you’re pregnant with a girl.

This is the hormone that will cause you to get sick.

If you have really bad morning sickness you may be told that you’re having a girl and they may very well be right.

There are always exceptions like I mentioned before but this one is often correct.

So if you’re pregnant with a boy you may sail through it without too much sickness. This is often the case.

You Crave Meat and Protein

This is another on the list that doesn’t seem to mean much other than someone decided it must be true and it spread from there.

You will have many cravings and lots of aversions too during pregnancy and none will have a single thing to do with the sex of your baby.

Your Hair Gets Thicker And Shiner

With boys, you may sport a thicker, shinier mane.

Not sure if this would be true but it could have something to do with the hormonal differences we mentioned earlier.

Some hormones cause the hair cycle to last longer while others will make your hair fall out more often.

And Some Funnier Things

There are some other Old Wives tales about pregnancy that are a bit out there. I simply cannot take them seriously and I doubt you will be able to either.

Things like Your partner gaining weight, your feet always being cold, laying on the left side while sleeping, your pillow facing North, and more meaning you’d be having a boy.

These ideas are just too far out for me, but entertaining nevertheless.

In The End….

While some of these symptoms seem to hold some truth when it comes to predicting the sex of your baby, most are just part of a guessing game that has gone on since the beginning of mankind.

It’s all just part of the fun when it comes to pregnancy.

The only way to really know the sex of your baby is to get a scan or blood test.

I hope this information allowed you to make a good uneducated guess about your pregnancy ?

I wish you and your babe all the luck in the world!

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