6 Types Of Storage For The Baby’s Room

Are you preparing your baby’s room? Do not miss these few storage suggestions to store the clothes of the latest comer but also all the accessories of the daily life of the new member of your family.

When a new child joins the family, there are several imperatives to be fulfilled. It’s not just about buying baby clothes and accessories. You also have to plan how you are going to create an atmosphere in your room. For this, it can be interesting to know the different types of baby storage that you have at your disposal.

A mistake that many parents make is to choose the most beautiful or elegant storage. Although they can decorate their child’s bedroom, in reality, they are not always useful in the end.

Therefore, we advise you not to ignore the functional side of the storage you will choose. First, the choice will be determined by the space you have.

Second, it is good to consider your specific need. To do this, you need to think about how many things you need to store and what other space you have available for that. Nowadays, changing tables, baths and cradles come with drawers that can complement the storage dedicated to this function.

The six types of baby storage
Now let’s review the different types of baby storage. Each of them has certain characteristics which make it more or less suitable for each person’s situation. So choose the option that suits you best!

  1. The traditional wardrobe
    This is the typical wardrobe. It can be placed anywhere in the room. It generally contains drawers in its lower part and shelves at the top. In addition, it is often equipped with hangers to hang the most fragile baby clothes. Normally, there are two and three doors on these cabinets.

There is another important detail to consider. It is about the useful life of the furniture. Indeed, beyond the aesthetic aspect of storage for the baby’s room, you must think about its obsolescence. As your baby grows, your storage space may lose its usefulness. However, it will be possible to sell it, lend it or give it to a family member or a friend. You can also keep it in case a little brother or sister arrives.

  1. The built-in cupboard
    For the sake of saving space, many houses now have a space fitted out with cupboards. It’s a great alternative whether it’s for the nursery or any room in the house.

In the case of the nursery, the closet may be a little too sober. It will therefore have to be decorated and embellished with drawings or stickers for children. It will be a little more colorful and fun and at a lower cost. These closets are generally spacious. You will therefore be able to accommodate all the elements of your little one.

  1. Storage under the changing table
    This is one of the most multifunctional options you can find. Indeed, these storage units are equipped with drawers and shelves at the bottom and a folding changing table at the top. You can also find changing tables mounted on wheels to transport it if necessary.
  2. The shelves
    You can also prefer simple storage in which the objects are visible. It is a good idea to use crates specially decorated for your child’s clothes and things. Many of these pieces of furniture come with drawers at the bottom.
  3. Storage space attached to the baby’s bed
    Today, the design of innovative furniture emphasizes functionality. This is how there are integrated storage. It is actually a baby bed with its bars which has a compact storage unit on one side.

Do not underestimate their size! Indeed, you will quickly realize that this type of storage is much more useful than you could have imagined. They often have drawers and shelves. You can even get one of these beds with a foldable changing table.

There are also train type bunk beds. These are modern bunk beds, with partially bunk beds and a wardrobe that occupies the empty space next to the lower bed.

  1. Cabinets with children’s drawings
    As we said earlier, the baby’s room should be a colorful space that awakens his senses. If you wish, you can opt for cabinets specially designed for toddlers. Thus, there are many models with multiple colors and designs that will appeal to your baby.

To sum up, there is storage space for babies for all tastes. Take a look at the existing commercial offer and choose the ones that best meet your needs.

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